Definitive Proof That Nostradamus Predicted Star Wars

The prophecies of the French astrologer Nostradamus remain famous more than 400 years after his death. He has been credited with predicting events like the French Revolution and World War II. But, after careful scrutiny, we present evidence that his prophecies were, in fact, plot spoilers for the Star Wars films. » 10/30/14 9:00am 10/30/14 9:00am

Doctor Who's Dark New Direction. Plus Another Hulk Rumor Debunked!

What is Marvel's plan for its ambitious movie schedule through 2019? How will the new Power Rangers movie connect to the TV show? Robin Lord Taylor says Gotham has a story for how the Penguin gets his distinctive walk. Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD. Plus, fresh looks at The Walking Dead season five.… » 7/23/14 6:00am 7/23/14 6:00am

Alors! Bizarre French circus and sideshow posters from 1885-1925

This is but a small sampling of the mostly Gallic (and totally bonkers) theatrical posters from Double M2's Cirque Flickr set. My personal favorite is the fellow whose stage moniker is "Nostradamus Jr." [Spotted on Morbid Anatomy] » 8/14/10 7:45am 8/14/10 7:45am