What does Wonder Woman have to do with polygraph tests? More than you probably realize.

From a forthcoming episode of PBS's NOVA scienceNOW on the science of crime prevention comes an interesting revelation: William Marsten, one of the people behind the invention of the (oft-maligned) lie-detecting polygraph, is the same William Marsten who created Wonder Woman and her truth-producing Golden Lasso: »10/10/12 6:00pm10/10/12 6:00pm


The original Being Human is back! Can you handle it?

This week on television, the original British Being Human returns to America's screens. And it looks like yet another one of the other shoes is dropping on Fringe. Clark inches closer to wearing a costume on Smallville, and Dean reunites with his surrogate family on Supernatural. And you'll never guess who's getting… »2/14/11 12:00pm2/14/11 12:00pm

Bat-Mania, Destructo-Robots And A Doctor Who Reunion, On This Week's TV

There's a lot of great stuff on TV this week, if you know where to look. For one thing, there are more attempts to cash in on Bat-fever with some fun-sounding Batman shows. For another, The Middleman is finally clearing up all your nagging questions about boy bands. Doctor Who cranks it up to 11 for the first half of… »7/21/08 12:00pm7/21/08 12:00pm