Star Trek & The City looks for love where no sex columnist has gone before

Twitter novelty account Star Trek & The City connects two franchises once linked only by Kim Cattrall. It imagines Ensign Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex and the City compadres on their continuing mission to explore strange new bedchambers, to seek out new lays and new sexual positions, and boldly pun where so many have… »1/27/13 10:30am1/27/13 10:30am


Fake William Gibson tweets authentically clever Gibson-inspired book plots

Twitter novelty account Authentic Wm. Gibson (@AuthenticWmGibs) assures us that it contains "Synopses for William Gibson novels that are definitely 100% real, but only in a timeline with greater authenticity than this one." While some of the writer's pastiches of Gibson's futuristic global politics, explorations of… »11/11/12 7:00pm11/11/12 7:00pm