The first four minutes of Now You See Me is actually kind of badass

Dear sweet kabbalah monster, there is nothing we love more than street magic, and this new "David Blaine and his Gang of Sexy Thieves" magic movie is filled with street-rat trickery. Watch the first few minutes of Now You See Me right now, and maybe reconsider the sex ban you put on all magicians back in 2007. »5/09/13 6:30pm5/09/13 6:30pm

First trailer for Now You See Me asks: What if David Blaine started a magic gang of thieves?

Can modern day magic ever really be "cool" again? The art form has been pretty brutalized by folks like Criss Angel and David Blaine, and yet Hollywood still thinks they can presto-changeo modern perception into some kind of "Oceans 11 with magic" movie with the upcoming Now You See Me. But can it work? »11/19/12 10:20am11/19/12 10:20am