That Time American School Kids Were Given Dog Tags Because Nukes

In the early 1950s cities across the U.S. spent hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitting their children with military-style dog tags. Why were we giving kids something that's usually reserved for people at risk of dying horrifically in the line of duty? Because in the era of duck and cover, kids were on the front… »5/20/13 5:17pm5/20/13 5:17pm

North Korea blows up the U.S. Capitol building in this latest batshit crazy propaganda video

North Korea, in a hilariously absurd act of chest pounding fury, has released a four-minute propaganda clip depicting the White House under attack. Entitled, "Firestorms Will Rain on the Headquarters of War," the video is yet another example of the disturbing — and seemingly inexplicable — rhetoric that's suddenly… »3/21/13 2:19pm3/21/13 2:19pm

U.S. had plans for a ‘full nuclear response’ should the President disappear or be killed during an attack

Well, this is a bit disturbing: According to recently declassified documents made available by the U.S. National Security Archive, the United States had a contingency plan in effect where, in the event that the President went missing or was killed during an attack on the country, the military was instructed to launch… »12/13/12 2:40pm12/13/12 2:40pm

9 Global Disasters That Never Came to Pass

It's easy to get caught up in apocalyptic paranoia. After all, it's 2012, the economy is fucked, the oceans are rising, and all our coolest fictional heroes are post-apocalyptic one way or another. But let's just take a moment to remember all the calamities that didn't happen. Over the past few decades, people have… »9/14/12 1:00pm9/14/12 1:00pm

A short documentary about people who build condos in nuclear bunkers

We've seen such luxury end-of-the-world residences as the Vivos doomsday shelters, but Vivos aren't the only folks pioneering fallout chic. Meet Edward Peden and Larry Hall. The former deals in selling bunkers to prospective homeowners and survivalists, whereas the latter is helming a residential development known as… »11/05/11 11:50am11/05/11 11:50am

Advice from the U.S. government on how to furnish your nuclear apocalypse shelter

Nuclear War Survival Skills, by Cresson H. Kearny, is a book that was once only available to people in the U.S. military, but now it's available to everybody for free online. Packed with all the information you need to survive a nuclear attack, it's the perfect guide for survivalists or science fiction writers trying… »3/01/11 10:20am3/01/11 10:20am