This Week's Comics Are Full Of The Undead, Abducted, Possessed And Rapping

Signs that you can tell that it's getting near San Diego Comic-Con, Part 23: Indie comic publishers start releasing more material, hoping to avoid con glut while making sure that they'll have something to show the eager masses. So while Marvel and DC have relatively restrained Wednesdays, you'll still be able to find… »7/15/08 12:00pm7/15/08 12:00pm


Finally, Someone Out To Stop Aliens Joyriding and Abandoning Human Abductees

What could unite Communion's Whitley Strieber, the writer of A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 and post-X-Files alien abduction conspiracies? That would be The Nye Incidents, an upcoming comic book based upon an unmade screenplay sequel to the book and movie that made Strieber's name. We've got more about the project,… »2/07/08 11:00am2/07/08 11:00am