All the books getting turned into movies & TV shows over the next year

This year is all about the book adaptation. Game of Thrones, Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures and World War Z (sort of) were all books first! So here is our extensive guide to just about every movie and TV series turning your favorite book into a live-action wonder. Get out your reading lists so you too can say "the… » 7/04/13 12:00pm 7/04/13 12:00pm

Neil Gaiman explores the murkiest waters of all: childhood memories

Fans of Neil Gaiman's dark, mythology-soaked fantasy will rush out to buy his first adult book in years, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. But for people who haven't yet delved into Gaiman's massive body of work, this slim volume is an excellent starting place. » 6/17/13 1:17pm 6/17/13 1:17pm

Perfect Pairing: Joe Wright will Direct Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the…

Director Joe Wright brought Jane Austen and Ian McEwan to life, and also helmed the super-assassin movie Hanna. So he might be the perfect choice to adapt Neil Gaiman's next fantasy novel, the as-yet-unpublished The Ocean at the End of the Lane. » 3/01/13 8:40am 3/01/13 8:40am