How We Found The World's Deepest Fish – And Why We Must Keep Exploring

Scientists exploring the deepest place on Earth — the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean — recently acquired footage of a strange, never-before-seen fish at a record depth of 26,722 feet. Here, one of the team members describes how they found it, and why it's vital to continue plumbing the ocean's depths. »12/20/14 2:00pm

Explore The World's Most Detailed Map Of The Seafloor, Released Today

Researchers today published the most detailed map of the ocean floor ever produced. Data collected by satellites and remote sensing instruments were used to created a model at least twice as accurate as previous maps, revealing thousands of previously uncharted seafloor features in the process. And best of all, you… »10/03/14 8:00pm

This underwater Iron Man suit could revolutionize ocean research

Meet the Exosuit – a 6.5-foot tall, 530 pound, aluminum alloy atmospheric diving system that stands to change the way we explore the ocean deep. Designed to envelop a single human occupant in surface atmosphere conditions at depths of up to 1,000 feet, stepping into this articulated, human-shaped shell is like putting… »3/01/14 12:37pm