Juries Of The Future May View Crime Scenes Via "Forensic Holodecks" 

Is the Oculus Rift headset poised to become a game-changer in the courtroom, offering juries a way to evaluate evidence in greater detail than ever before? According to new research, "forensic holodecks" (yep, that's a Star Trek reference) that reconstruct crime scenes could soon become valuable courtroom tools. » 1/12/15 11:28am 1/12/15 11:28am

7 Famous Fictional Places You Can Explore With the Oculus Rift

Ever since I first played Goldeneye 64, I've been fascinated by exploring 3D cyber-versions of my favorite fictional places. The Oculus Rift makes that pursuit cooler than it's ever been. It's one thing to see static shots of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment from the same never-changing angles. It's another to be in… » 12/05/14 3:17pm 12/05/14 3:17pm

Behold The Terrifying Real-Life South Park From Last Night's Episode

Last night, South Park used Oculus Rift and The Matrix to fall into a virtual reality hole where nothing was what it seemed. And everyone was being told that their reality "wasn't real"—over and over, until we ended up just as lost as the kids. And then there was a twist. » 11/13/14 11:27am 11/13/14 11:27am

Batman: The Animated Series is coming to a Virtual Reality near you

It seems like everyone's turning to Virtual Reality lately as a marketing promo, the likes of Pacific Rim and Interstellar are the latest to use the tech to plug themselves. Not to be left out, Warner Bros. is joining in by letting people poke around the Batcave - but not just any Batcave. Batman: TAS' Batcave! » 10/08/14 11:19am 10/08/14 11:19am

You Can Step Inside Chris Nolan's Interstellar Spaceship Right Now

Can't wait to see more of of Chris Nolan's Interstellar? You're in luck, Oculus Rift has set up a public Interstellar experience where you can float in virtual zero gravity through the very ship that Nolan built for the film, the Endurance. Plus, WORMHOLE TRAVEL. » 10/06/14 2:52pm 10/06/14 2:52pm

I Just Spent Two Weeks Being A Space Commander

"Don't be That VR Guy," I keep thinking. I've spent the last couple of weeks playing Elite: Dangerous, a PC space-sim that works with the newest Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It's been pretty amazing, and I'm having a hard time not being That VR Guy. » 8/18/14 3:12pm 8/18/14 3:12pm

​An Oculus Rift Game That Let Me Be Neo From The Matrix

Everybody has dreams. One of my dreams involves me dodging bullets in slow-mo like a badass. Yesterday at E3, the Oculus Rift and a game called Superhot allowed me to live that dream. » 6/12/14 10:17pm 6/12/14 10:17pm

What The Heck Is Oculus Rift? A Guide To Facebook's $2 Billion Deal

The New Oculus Rift Is Very Cool, And You Can Get One This Year

Ask anyone in video games what new piece of tech has them most excited about the future, and there's a good chance they'll bring up the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Good news: Later this year, developers (and the rest of us) will be able to own the latest, greatest version. And it really is pretty great. » 3/19/14 1:42pm 3/19/14 1:42pm

I Wore the Navy's Oculus Rift, and It Showed Me the Future of Warfare

When we think of the future of the military, we think of bigger and better weapons. Laser canons and the like. But what about the people operating those lasers? How can a behemoth like the Navy ready its future sailors for the high-tech combat of tomorrow? Believe it or not, with an Oculus Rift. » 3/13/14 2:48pm 3/13/14 2:48pm

People Really Want That Other Scary-Cool Virtual Reality Headset, Huh?

Small screens inches away from your eyes. Light beamed directly at your retinas. At this rate, the next war for cutting-edge display supremacy will be happening on your face. Sometime in the near future, the headgear showdown is going to be the Oculus Rift vs. the just-funded-twice-over Avengant Glyph.… » 1/24/14 10:21am 1/24/14 10:21am

Watch These People Swap Genders Using Virtual Reality

A lot of the most interesting applications of VR have less to do with gaming, and more to do with perceptions of self. What's it like to see outside of your own subjective experience of body and self? » 1/21/14 5:57pm 1/21/14 5:57pm

Beautiful Sci-Fi Game That You Can't Wait For Will Support Oculus Rift

What do you do when the future turns out shitty? You go back to the past. This time, it's the developers of gorgeous first-person puzzle game Reset who are jaunting back through the timestream. Don't worry, there isn't any Terminator-style nakedness. » 12/17/13 6:06pm 12/17/13 6:06pm

Here’s the Technology That Might Save Motion Control Gaming

I was nauseous for hours after trying the latest hot-shit evolution of virtual reality gaming. But I’d do it again. » 9/25/13 7:57pm 9/25/13 7:57pm

John Carmack Has New 'Full-Time' VR Job, But Is Not Quite Gone From id

Legendary game programmer and Doom co-creator John Carmack is getting a new "full-time" job. He's going to be working as the head of technology at Oculus VR, the company behind the upstart Rift virtual reality goggles. » 8/08/13 3:42pm 8/08/13 3:42pm

This guillotine simulator is the most twisted use of Oculus Rift yet

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your head chopped off? Well, you may soon get the chance to find out. A group of independent developers has created a guillotine simulator using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. » 5/07/13 8:20am 5/07/13 8:20am

Watch a gamer combine a VR headset with an omnidirectional treadmill

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to be excited about the Oculus Rift VR headset, a company called Virtuix has shown what gamers can do when you add an omnidirectional treadmill to the mix. » 4/22/13 3:04pm 4/22/13 3:04pm

90-Year-Old Woman Tries Out Oculus Rift VR Headset, Is Adorable

The more we hear about Oculus Rift, the more excited we get about it. The virtual reality headset probably won't hit shelves til 2014, but developer's kits started shipping earlier this month. Here, YouTube user Paul Rivot lets his 90-year-old grandma take the setup out for a spin. First stop: Tuscany. » 4/15/13 8:20am 4/15/13 8:20am