12 Underrated or Overlooked TV Shows to Marathon This Weekend

There's a long weekend ahead of us, and that means one thing: DVD box sets. You could break out the Firefly and Babylon 5, or you could venture into the wild unknown. Television is full of undiscovered worlds — here are 12 underrated or overlooked science fiction and fantasy TV shows to mainline this weekend. » 5/23/13 10:02am 5/23/13 10:02am

TV Pilots That Are as Good as Most Summer Movies

The fall TV season is beginning, and that means one thing — you're finally going to get to see the TV pilots that the networks have been sweating over for a year. Most of them will totally suck — even if the shows they launch wind up being good. But a few of them will be amazing, full of killer action and interesting… » 9/12/11 1:46pm 9/12/11 1:46pm

What Make Of Car Is Most Likely To Survive The Apocalypse?

The only thing left of the Earth is a space shuttle and a bombed-out looking car, in the first episode of Odyssey 5, a show about humans who travel back in time to prevent the destruction of Earth. The Canadian Odyssey 5 is a great example of the way a non-US show can compensate for its low budget. The actual… » 10/24/07 11:13am 10/24/07 11:13am