Much Ado About Nothing proves Joss Whedon is still a comedy genius

Shakespeare wrote several "comedies," and some of them are still funny today. (As You Like It and Twelfth Night come to mind.) But Much Ado About Nothing is not one of the funny ones. Unless it's being filmed by Joss Whedon, in which case it's fall-out-of-your-seat, holy-shit-can't-breathe funny. » 6/07/13 2:11pm 6/07/13 2:11pm

Elementary Demonstrates the Right Way to Update a Classic Hero

Elementary has gotten some flak for being the "lesser" modern-day Sherlock Holmes. But now that its first season is over, we're realizing this show understands the Arthur Conan Doyle canon — it's just not afraid to ask questions. Here's why Elementary is the Sherlock Holmes we never knew we always needed. » 5/21/13 8:00am 5/21/13 8:00am