The Possession is the Jewish pop reggae version of The Exorcist

The Possession (originally titled Dybbuk Box but called "The Jewish Exorcist movie" by most of America) first intrigued the masses by casting reggae rapper Matisyahu as the religious ghost wrangler, upped the ante with this aggressive poster, and kept us interested with the promise of Jewish mysticism (an unfamiliar… »8/31/12 11:31am8/31/12 11:31am


Disgusting clip from The Possession has Sam Raimi's mark all over it

We recently learned that Sam Raimi was a producer on the "Jewish exorcist" flick The Possession, which was previously titled The Dybbuk Box. But this creepy new clip makes the horror legend's presence crystal clear. We're delighted that this spooky movie seems to be channeling the grotesque body horror from Raimi's… »8/15/12 11:30am8/15/12 11:30am