Stem cell finding will lead to a "paradigm shift" in cancer treatments

There's been a heated controversy in cancer research over the past several years about the alleged presence of cancer stem cells that fuel tumour growth. But now, new research conducted by three independent teams has confirmed the existence of these "master builder" cells — a discovery that will likely lead to… »8/02/12 9:40am8/02/12 9:40am

Dental X-rays linked to the most common type of brain tumor

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of your dental visit has just been linked to brain tumors. Research published in this week's issue of Cancer reveals that patients with meningioma — the most commonly diagnosed (but usually benign) brain-growth in the U.S. — were more than twice as likely as people without the… »4/10/12 5:22pm4/10/12 5:22pm

Dogs can reliably sniff out lung cancer, German study shows

A dog can accurately detect the early presence of lung cancer by sniffing patients' breath, doctors in Germany say. While researchers have known for some time that dogs can sniff out the telltale signs of other forms of cancer, this is the first study that proves dogs can reliably smell this particular kind. »8/20/11 2:40pm8/20/11 2:40pm

Spray-on tan could help prevent cancer, ensure Snooki lives forever

After educating tan junkies about the chances of skin cancer, and how to use sunless tanning products, researchers discovered that these people were far more likely in the future to wear more protective clothes, and have fewer sunburns. These are both crucial factors in the prevention of skin cancer. By getting… »9/23/10 3:00pm9/23/10 3:00pm