The search is on for a giant tenth planet hidden in the Oort Cloud

We might just be on the verge of discovering a real Planet X, according to astronomers John Matese and Dan Whitmire. Subtle gravitational influences on comets way out in the Oort Cloud suggest there could be a huge gas giant affecting the other objects, and now NASA's Wise space telescope has given us the data to… » 2/15/11 12:07pm 2/15/11 12:07pm

Dawn in the Oort Cloud

If you're wondering about the sunny view from the Oort Cloud, that vast sphere of debris that surrounds our solar system, here it is. As we told you yesterday, scientists now believe this remote, cold region might house another Earth-like planet. Only it would be frozen. Want to travel a little closer to the sun, and… » 2/19/08 7:00am 2/19/08 7:00am