Which Classic Literary Story Deserves A Comeback In SF And Fantasy?

Science fiction and fantasy stories borrow from great works of literature all the time. But sometimes, a classic tale will fall from favor, and we’ll stop seeing it as much. For example, the Phantom of the Opera used to be everywhere, and now he’s just vanished. Which literary trope deserves more exposure in science… » 5/04/15 3:30pm Monday 3:30pm

Which TV Show Squandered Its Potential The Most?

Nobody ever pitches a TV show thinking it’s going to be an epic disaster. People always start out with a good, or maybe a great, idea. And some shows just... go way off course. It’s a complicated process akin to juggling live hamsters, and mistakes are made. Which TV show had the greatest potential and just didn’t… » 5/01/15 2:00pm Friday 2:00pm

What's The Most Annoying "Idiot Plot" Ever Created?

We all enjoy watching good-looking, brave people make stupid decisions — that’s why we go to the movies, after all. But some movies push this just a little too far, venturing into “idiot plot” territory — meaning that the plot only works if the characters are idiots. What’s the worst “idiot plot” you’ve ever seen? » 4/30/15 2:12pm Thursday 2:12pm

Which Movie Would Be Better If It Was More Kid-Friendly?

Movie buffs tend to equate an R-rating with realness — if a movie is too violent or sexed-up for kids, then that proves the film-makers are keeping it real. A “hard R” equals a real edge. But sometimes, focusing on all the splatter and nudity can just get in the way of the story. Which movie would be better if it was… » 4/27/15 3:12pm 4/27/15 3:12pm

Which TV Or Movie Adaptation Made You Ashamed To Be A Fan Of Something?

We all know that movie and TV versions of books, comics and games don’t always capture what’s truly great about them. But sometimes, they do something far worse. Which movie or TV version of a beloved story was so awful, it actually made you embarrassed to admit in public you were a fan? » 4/22/15 2:00pm 4/22/15 2:00pm

Which Science Fiction Story Could Have Gone In A Much Darker Direction?

Lots of science fiction and fantasy stories like to flirt with real darkness — showing heroes who cross the line occasionally, or situations that have no right or wrong answer. But then they usually return to the path of lightness. Which story missed out on the potential to go to a really dark place? » 4/21/15 3:00pm 4/21/15 3:00pm