Tell Us Your Own Origin Story!

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to introduce yourselves to us in the comments. Then, we followed-up by asking you to spill your very best trade secrets to the community at large. But today, we want to know about the things that inspired you to become who you are. » 10/18/13 7:00am 10/18/13 7:00am

What Are the Least Futuristic Things About Being Alive Today?

Yesterday, we asked you what made you feel like you were living in the future now and you responded with things both wonderful (smart phones! internet! video-chat!) and unfortunate (smart phones again and a shuttered government). Today, we turn our attention backwards, and ask where the promises of the future are most… » 10/04/13 7:00am 10/04/13 7:00am

Tell Us Your Best Trade Secret

Yesterday, we asked you to introduce yourselves in the comments and you told us that you are: molecular biologists, HAZMAT specialists, puppeteers, writers, park rangers, 3-d animators, librarians, fans, hobbyists, and relentless enthusiasts. Today, tell us one thing you'd like people to know about your area of… » 9/27/13 7:00am 9/27/13 7:00am