Opium Fiend could be the first alternate history memoir

In this excerpt from new memoir Opium Fiend, journalist Steven Martin describes how he went from antique collector to drug addict. In Martin's case, the gateway drug was his extensive collection of antique opium pipes, which led him into an addiction to opium so severe he lost almost everything. His memoir is a kind… » 6/25/12 3:20pm 6/25/12 3:20pm

How to turn a pretty flower into one of the most addictive drugs in the…

This is, for obvious reasons, not suitable to try at home. Nor possible, since no technique is described in detail. But should you want to add accuracy to your next steampunk story, or entertain/terrify any guests in your garden, allow me to explain just how heroin is made from poppies. » 9/09/11 12:30pm 9/09/11 12:30pm