Welcome to Elgin Park, an old fashioned town with a giant for mayor

The man in the photo is Michael Paul Smith, but he is no giant. For 25 years he's been building remarkably lifelike dioramas of a fictional, mid-20th-Century American town called Elgin Park using meticulously crafted model cars, a card table and a $200 point-and-shoot camera. That's right – the cars in this photo are… » 10/18/13 12:00pm 10/18/13 12:00pm

Every bridge should have an optical illusion on its underside

Chilean-born street artist Dasic specializes in large-scale outdoor pieces. Above, he's used the underside of a bridge to craft a vibrant, dreamlike scene – but you have to be in just the right spot to see it. » 10/10/13 1:33pm 10/10/13 1:33pm

The Absolute Best Optical Illusions of 2012

2012 was a pretty epic year for visual trickery. We stared through telescopes, transfixed by Venus' cosmic trick of the light; gaped in disbelief at a Rubik's Cube that wasn't; and watched with morbid curiosity as celebrities transformed into grotesque mutations of their former selves. » 12/28/12 3:00pm 12/28/12 3:00pm

The Seagull Nebula spreads its wings across 100 light-years

This beautiful image is an up-close look at one of the universe's best examples of pareidolia: the Seagull Nebula, also known as the Parrot Nebula or Eagle Nebula, depending on your ornithological preference. Point is, this is one gargantuan bird. » 3/08/12 6:13pm 3/08/12 6:13pm

Which way are these four silhouettes spinning?

Optical illusions just keep getting more extreme. We once examined an optical illusion in which a silhouetted figure spins in different directions depending on how you look at it. Here's the sequel, which is four times the optical illusion craziness. » 10/11/11 5:19pm 10/11/11 5:19pm