Ultra-tiny "nano-ear" can hear bacteria and viruses

The world's smallest ear doesn't belong to any animal. Instead, it's a tiny piece of gold suspended in a laser beam. It can hear sounds a million times fainter than any human ear can, making it a powerful acoustic microscope. » 1/16/12 5:24pm 1/16/12 5:24pm

Revolutionary laser technologies that could become tractor beams

The closer we come to inventing a viable tractor beam - a ray of light that can move objects - the more obvious it is that real tractor beams will not look anything like the glowing blue rays from science fiction. So how will beams of light actually move matter? Let's find out by looking at three ways that scientists… » 12/26/11 12:30pm 12/26/11 12:30pm

Watch the first-ever demonstration of light lifting matter

Scientists from the Rochester Institute of Technology have recently demonstrated that micrometers-long, airplane-wing-shaped rods can be lifted by a beam of laser light. This research has the potential to upgrade solar sail technology and power microscopic machines. » 12/07/10 7:25am 12/07/10 7:25am