Drought-stricken Kenya is sitting on 250-trillion liters of groundwater

With the world as thoroughly mapped and monitored as it is, it's easy to forget the Earth still harbors its fair share of secrets. Case in point: yesterday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization announced that Kenya's drought-striken Turkana County sits, rather ironically, atop a… »9/11/13 4:42pm9/11/13 4:42pm

If this video doesn't make your heart swell, there's a decent chance you don't have a heart

Here comes your daily dose of optimism. Filmmaker Michael Marantz has just released The Future is Ours, a rousing two-minute tribute to the people and companies pushing humanity forward. Full screen, HD, headphones if you've got 'em. Fair warning: this will, at a minimum, give you chills — but don't be surprised if… »6/26/12 2:20pm6/26/12 2:20pm

How would you convince the 20th generation of space colonists to leave Earth?

It is the year 2251. All is well on Earth – food is plentiful, climate ills are cured, and war is nonexistent. Humanity left its home decades ago, with the United Nations of Earth currently on the 20th round of colonization. How would you go about convincing a new round of colonists to brave the hazards of space? »12/29/11 3:00pm12/29/11 3:00pm