A Look Inside The Mind Of Revolutionary Neuroscientist Karl Deisseroth

If you work in neuroscience, or follow the field, you probably know who Karl Deisseroth is. At the very least, you’re familiar with his methods. He’s best known for his development of optogenetics, a technique that enables researchers to manipulate individual neurons with light. Today, Deisseroth estimates the… »5/12/15 5:20pm5/12/15 5:20pm


Imagine being able to control biological processes with your mind.

Imagine being able to control biological processes with your mind. A new experiment suggests this is possible. By combining optogenetics and cybernetics, humans were able to use their thoughts to alter genes in mice. In future, these mind-operated implants could be used to self-treat migraines, back pain, epilepsy,… »11/12/14 10:00pm11/12/14 10:00pm

A device that controls your mind with pleasurable stimulation

What if you could control somebody's desires using a wireless device? It's not a Larry Niven novel — it's today's science. Researchers used a remote controller to stimulate neurons in mice that release the reward chemical dopamine. As a result, they changed the behavior of the mice, from a distance, in the absence of… »4/15/13 3:26pm4/15/13 3:26pm

Light-sensitive muscles will enable robots to move like real animals

A recent breakthrough at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania is set to make the spastic and jerky movements of robots a thing of the past. Using animals for inspiration, researchers have genetically engineered muscle cells to flex in response to light. The breakthrough could result in the creation of highly… »8/30/12 5:48pm8/30/12 5:48pm