10 less-known Warren Ellis comics (that are worth your ducats)

Red may have featured Helen Mirren firing a gatling gun, but the film wasn't indicative of Warren Ellis' work as a whole. Here are 10 amazing tales from Ellis' oeuvre about such topics as transhuman deities and a dead Galactus. » 10/24/10 11:55pm 10/24/10 11:55pm

Fantastic scifi graphic novels (that will get you hooked for life)

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Ask a NASA rocket scientist anything

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Dunes of Mars

In yet another cool image from the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter near Mars, we see these dunes on the planet's surface. This image comes from the Hellespontus region of Mars, where sand from local mesas has been molded into these shapes by high intensity winds. No word yet on whether the famous… » 4/10/08 7:00am 4/10/08 7:00am

Dust Devils Of Mars

The Martian wind has cut deep crevasses into this crater in the Terra Cimmeria region. The edges of these dunes look sort of like fins in this new image from the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. But the fins are actually double "horns" where the wind from the East hit the dunes. You can also see… » 1/04/08 6:20am 1/04/08 6:20am