UFOlogists declare 2011 "the year of the Orb"

Over at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock, the UFO experts have put together an end-of-year feature about why 2011 was the year of the Orb. Above, you can see one of several videos they've posted to illustrate their point. This particular video was filmed by an "Orb caller," whose commentary track must be heard to get… » 12/22/11 1:31pm 12/22/11 1:31pm

"I Touched A Crop-Circle-Making UFO," Says Investigator

Today's UFO mystery comes to you from Barbury Castle, UK, where two crop circle investigators earlier this summer got kicked out of a cornfield. But then they touched a mysterious craft near the circles. And got it on film! » 7/31/09 6:30am 7/31/09 6:30am