'Original Sin' is Baffling, Which Is Perfect [Spoilers]

The latest crossover event from Marvel is a murder mystery, and it looks to be a scorcher. Disparate clues, disturbing evidence, and baffling riddles pave the way to what could be one of Marvel's best books this year. It's off to a bright enough start. [Spoilers below.] » 5/07/14 7:31pm 5/07/14 7:31pm

Avoid The Marvel/DC Summer Madness By Heading Into The Woods

Marvel's Original Sin and DC's New 52: Future's End summer comic events start tomorrow, but why not skip the spectacle and try something new? Something like, say, James Tynion IV's new series Woods, about a school field trip that takes an accidental detour to a primordial forest at the edge of the universe? Plus a … » 5/06/14 4:40pm 5/06/14 4:40pm

​The Astounding Amount Of Awesome Comics You Need to Read This Summer

If you like comics, you're going broke this summer. Seriously, talk to an accountant about bankruptcy now, because there's no way you'll be able to pay rent if you even want to buy half the awesome comics coming out this summer. But at least this guide will help you determine which half to blow your savings on. » 4/29/14 9:10am 4/29/14 9:10am