A simple model could explain how the first cell came into being

How did a bunch of lifeless molecules transform themselves into living cells, turning the ancient, dead Earth into a planet teeming with life? It's an incredibly difficult question to answer, but a new model might explain part of the story. » 1/10/11 2:19pm 1/10/11 2:19pm

We owe the existence of life on Earth to metals like copper and iron

The origin of life on Earth poses a basic paradox: basic biochemicals like nucleotides and catalysts like proteins need each other to exist, but one must have come first. We may now have an answer, thanks to the transition metals. » 9/06/10 4:05pm 9/06/10 4:05pm

Did Meteors Cause Life On Earth?

Are asteroids responsible for the creation of life on Earth? Recent experiments back up a theory that the basic ingredients for life came from beyond the stars... which makes us all aliens. Battlestar Galactica was right! » 11/07/09 9:00am 11/07/09 9:00am