Orphan Black Asks: Is It Crueler To Know You're A Clone Or Not To Know?

There are two kinds of clones in Orphan Black: Clones who are self-aware and those who are “naive.” Obviously, our Clone Club members fall into the former category, but what happens when we encounter a clone sitting at the fringes of the conspiracy? Is it better to let her know she’s not crazy? Or hope she stays… »6/07/15 2:30pm6/07/15 2:30pm

Orphan Black Delivers Its Best Clone-Impersonating-Another-Clone Act Yet

Yes, Orphan Black is back and it is as demented as ever. While one of our Leda clones finds herself imprisoned (and maybe slightly crazier than usual), Sarah has to pull off the greatest acting trick of her clone impersonating career. Plus, we’ve got scary new clones — and a rather scary Delphine, as well. »4/19/15 12:50pm4/19/15 12:50pm