Insufficient Direction: Or How to Stop Worrying and Love Otaku Culture

It's no secret that anime and manga are a big industry; while they may be something of a niche market in the United States, anime films regularly open at the top of the box office in Japan and manga publishers like Jump and Gangan are the country's equivalent of Marvel or DC. Even so, those who are obsessed with anime… »1/08/15 4:13pm1/08/15 4:13pm


24 scintillating minutes of a German otaku licking his anime girl toys

Warning: Before you watch this video, you need to turn down the lights. Put on some soft music, preferably in the Marvin Gaye area. Maybe light some candles. And then, and only then, will you truly appreciate this terrifyingly lengthy video of a German anime fan slowly and deliberately licking every buxom anime… »1/18/13 1:40pm1/18/13 1:40pm