Take A Moment To Marvel At These Unusually Intimate Owl Portraits

It is notoriously difficult to photograph an owl. The stately birds tend to be close-taloned with their trust, requiring several months to become comfortable with even one human handler – a fact that explains both the rareness of intimate owl portraiture, and the magnificence of these shots by photographer Brad Wilson. »3/06/15 6:00pm3/06/15 6:00pm

How do owls twist their heads all the way around without dying? At last we know.

You probably know that owls can rotate their heads a remarkable 270 degrees in either direction. It's practically their trademark — but it's a move that by all measure should result in a massive stroke or embolism, the result of torn blood vessel linings and the onset of fatal clots. Nobody's understood the… »1/31/13 2:00pm1/31/13 2:00pm

The end of Harry Potter leaves hundreds of pet owls homeless

When Harry Potter first appeared in books and on screen alongside his loyal owl Hedwig, many folks were so charmed that they ran out and bought pet owls of their very own. But know that the books and movies have run their course, the magic of owning a nocturnal bird has worn off, and hundreds of owls are landing in… »5/20/12 11:30am5/20/12 11:30am