Check out Pablo Picasso's hypnotic 'light drawings' from 1949

Back in 1949, LIFE magazine's Gijon Mili paid Pablo Picasso a visit at his home in the South of France. Mili, who was a technical prodigy and lighting innovator, showed Picasso some of his photos of ice skaters with tiny lights attached to their skates and jumping in the dark. The preeminent artist was so taken by the … » 12/13/12 7:20am 12/13/12 7:20am

Oh look, the dissected organs of Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh, and…

To advertise Brazil's Museu de Arte de São Paulo Art School, the advertising firm of DDB Brazil pinned the famous painters down like classroom dissection frogs. Dalí's innards aren't all that different from his dinner parties. » 5/01/12 12:00pm 5/01/12 12:00pm