Meet the telescope behind the Pac-Man photos

According to the memes circling around this weekend, Mecha Pac-Man has a fondness for lunar cheese and starlight, gaping wide to gobble them both. In reality, the telescope behind the Pac-Man photograph is Auxiliary Telescope 2, an essential component of the most productive ground-based telescope on the planet. » 3/11/14 6:08pm 3/11/14 6:08pm

Someone's Going to Dig Up Atari's Infamous New Mexico Landfill

Alamogordo's city council has granted an excavation permit for the infamous landfill said to hold thousands of copies of E.T. and Pac-Man for the Atari 2600—two titles blamed for the mid-1980s crash of console gaming—and yes, the permit-holder is digging out the site specifically to find those games' remains. » 6/02/13 1:23pm 6/02/13 1:23pm

What if Pac-Man were a Michael Bay movie?

This morning we looked at the live-action Mega Man film — now the folks at Steelhouse Digital have made this jazzy short about the Polymorphic Autonomous Compound Manipulator, a super-secret government project. The filmmakers attempt to give the yellow crescent some more gravitas than that 1980s TV show, which makes… » 4/05/12 11:55am 4/05/12 11:55am

Behold the Pacman Nebula—now with teeth!

The nebula NGC 281 was first identified over 100 years ago by American astronomer E. E. Barnard, but today, many scientists know this massive cloud of dust and gas not as "NGC 281" but as "The Pacman Nebula," owing to its resemblance to Pac-Man, the iconic dot-scarfing character first featured in Namco's eponymous arcade… » 10/31/11 1:30pm 10/31/11 1:30pm