What Happened to All the Birds in the Most Recently Colonized Regions of Earth?

The numerous islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean comprise the last habitable region of Earth that humans colonized. Beginning about 3500 years ago, people settled the eastern islands, such as the Samoan islands, Fiji and the Marianas. By 700 years ago they made their way to the more remote locations of… »3/25/13 7:00pm3/25/13 7:00pm

Australian geologists prove that a South Pacific island does not exist

A South Pacific island that's been on scientific charts for at least a decade — including Google Earth and Google Maps — has just been undiscovered. Eager to check out "Sandy Island" for the first time, a group of Australian scientists recently ventured to the spot where it was supposed to be, and were instead… »11/22/12 11:00am11/22/12 11:00am