A great episode of Continuum explores the fragility of memory

At first blush, last night's Continuum didn't seem like it was going to be anything special: a clichéd "designer drug" storyline wrapped in with some gang warfare. But instead, it warped into a really fascinating look at the ways in which your memory can play tricks on you — and how time travel can screw up your… »6/22/13 2:00pm6/22/13 2:00pm


We're closer to becoming real cyborgs than most people realize

In the New York Times the other day, there was a great story by Pagan Kennedy about experiments with brain-computer interfaces, which included the stuff you usually hear about, like people moving cursors with their minds. But it also included some new stuff, like Kennedy herself choosing a picture on her phone using… »9/19/11 8:30pm9/19/11 8:30pm