Tabletop Gaming Deals: Free RPG Day, Paranoia, 10 Years of DriveThru

This Saturday is Free RPG Day, plus there's a a Paranoia bundle, charity auctions, and other gaming deals going on right now. Don't miss these great summer gaming deals. » 6/20/14 11:03am 6/20/14 11:03am

In The Redemption Engine, We Visit an Anarcho-Capitalist Fantasy City

In his latest novel, The Redemption Engine, James Sutter's "misotheist" hero Salim Ghadafar visits a catacomb-riddled city to solve a mystery involving missing souls. He talked with us about the novel, and atheist characters in worlds full of gods. » 4/22/14 9:40am 4/22/14 9:40am

How Mythic Adventures Massively Raises the Stakes for Pathfinder

Lots of fantasy RPGs have toyed with the idea of "epic levels," where your characters become extremely powerful and face epically dangerous foes — but this concept has been hard to pull off. Until now. Mythic Adventures for the Pathfinder RPG lets your character take on unbelievably huge challenges. » 12/23/13 6:40am 12/23/13 6:40am

Rediscover Classic SF Tales with Planet Stories

The pulp era gave rise to some of the most exciting, innovative science-fiction ever written, but far too many of these classic SF tales have been lost and nearly forgotten. Planet Stories, an imprint of Paizo Publishing, has been working to change that by putting out novels and short story collections on a monthly… » 7/14/08 2:00pm 7/14/08 2:00pm