Report: Global temps are the highest they've been in 4,000 years

It's global warming, stupid. And how. In an extensive study published in today's issue of Science, researchers report that today's global temperatures are warmer than any point in at least the last 4,000 years, and show no signs of declining: analyses of weather patterns since the end of the last Ice Age presage that… »3/08/13 11:30am3/08/13 11:30am


What destroyed the Maya? We have a new clue, in the form of an ancient stalagmite.

The Maya civilization was among the most advanced in history, and its disintegration has perplexed researchers for ages. One of the most compelling theories to date suggests that a shifting climate, playing puppeteer to sociopolitical marionettes, had a devastating role in the Maya's downfall. Now, researchers have… »11/08/12 6:20pm11/08/12 6:20pm