Legion's Shirtless Tatooed Angel Wields Both A Gun And A Knife

Paul Bettany's shirtless chest and wings greets Comic Con visitors from the rafters. Seriously, forget Avatar, the the end of the world truck stop second coming of Christ movie Legion may be Comic Con's big winner. » 7/22/09 8:00am 7/22/09 8:00am

McG Talks Bale, Arnold And Why Michael Ironside Is The Real John Connor

We finally got to see Michael Ironside go toe-to-toe with Christian Bale when McG stopped by NYCC to show a Terminator: Salvation sizzle reel while dropping some major Original Terminator cameo hints. » 2/07/09 3:30pm 2/07/09 3:30pm

New York Comic Con Day One: The Blue Upskirts Begin

It's early in the AM and we're catching giant blue Faker upskirts, cute geek girls are wearing "talk nerdy to me" signs, and we've just spotted out first cosplayer - it's Comic Con time. » 2/06/09 7:00am 2/06/09 7:00am