The separation of Pangea, explained in an animated pop-up book

In this lovely new animation from TED-Ed, educator Michael Molina uses a pop-up book to explore the science of tectonic plates, the manner by which their shifting led to the breakup of the supercontinent of Pangea, and how their movement continues to affect the drift of Earth's continents. » 2/05/14 8:40am 2/05/14 8:40am

Students and Faculty Reenact 500 Million Years of Earth History in…

Somewhere around 200 students and faculty gathered on a field at Stanford University last Saturday to re-enact half a billion years of plate tectonics. Costumed and organized in color-coded groups to represent the continents and oceans, the groups moved in sync to simulate Earth undergoing continental drift, complete… » 6/05/08 9:30am 6/05/08 9:30am