See Mars through a rover's eyes with this interactive panorama

This newly released Mars panorama gives armchair explorers a 360°, rover's-eye view of the Red Planet, from a vantage point near the base of Aeolis Mons. Also known as Mount Sharp, the 18,000-foot mound of sedimentary layers forms the central peak of Gale crater, and is the Curiosity Rover's primary scientific target.… »11/12/13 4:48pm11/12/13 4:48pm


Curiosity's panoramic self-portrait lets you explore a tiny corner of Mars

The Curiosity Rover has taken enough self-portraits that it could be mistaken for a teenager with a brand new smartphone, but its latest self-shot is especially cool. We not only get a panoramic view of Curiosity sitting in the Gale Crater, we also get to explore its current work site a bit more closely. »2/23/13 1:30pm2/23/13 1:30pm

Feast your eyes on Curiosity's latest photos of Mars, including new telephoto views of Mt. Sharp!

You're looking at a small section of a vast and colorful panoramic view of Mars, one of the latest to be beamed back by NASA's Curiosity rover. The panorama (click here for full-res) shows a 360-degree view of the rover's landing site, and a clear shot of the highest visible reaches of Mount Sharp, the rover's primary… »8/28/12 3:03pm8/28/12 3:03pm

This interactive app is the best way to experience Curiosity's panoramic views of Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover returned its first color panoramic views from the inside of Gale crater last week, and they are a wonder to behold. First of all, they're positively massive. The first high-resolution color mosaic, which you can download here, is a staggering 29,184 x 4,144 pixels. The full-res TIFF file comes… »8/13/12 12:50pm8/13/12 12:50pm