Guillermo del Toro explains the biggest mistake people make in telling …

Guillermo del Toro has directed some of the coolest movies of the past decade or so, including Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, plus the upcoming monster/robot smackdown Pacific Rim. But he's also gotten into producing animated films for kids, including Kung-Fu Panda and the upcoming Rise of the Guardians. » 11/19/12 1:23pm 11/19/12 1:23pm

Genre Directors Who Have Never Made a Bad Movie

The history of science fiction and fantasy at the cinema is littered with wreckage. It's hard enough to make a movie, and nearly impossible to make a good movie. So it's not surprising that even some of the best directors in Hollywood have at least one stinker in their resumes. With The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher… » 7/24/12 1:50pm 7/24/12 1:50pm

The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con 2011

San Diego Comic Con is a mosh pit of tastemakers. A good showing at Comic Con can generate unstoppable buzz for a project, that can last for months. A weak showing can deal a devastating setback to a creator's dreams. » 7/25/11 1:31pm 7/25/11 1:31pm

"If you get bored with nothing to do, you are not a writer": Guillermo…

"I'm going to sit, because I'm fat. I hope you're drinking stuff," Guillermo del Toro said as he took the stage at Portland's Baghdad Theater & Pub. Ostensibly he was there to read from his new book... but he digressed. » 10/05/10 11:14am 10/05/10 11:14am