We twiddled the knobs until it worked: What grad student science papers really mean

Grad students in every field develop a linguistic armor against uncomfortable scrutiny. Fortunately, where lab-bound research monkeys are concerned, PhD Comics' Jorge Cham is here to translate, explaining when grad students left work to grab a couple beers and when they just don't want you protesting their lab. »3/11/12 3:00pm3/11/12 3:00pm

University Library gets Theodore Sturgeon's original notes for More than Human and "Amok Time"

Science fiction giant Theodore Sturgeon's papers are being donated to the University of Kansas, after having been privately held in two separate parts until now. This treasure trove of information will prove a boon to researchers studying the process of the award-winning novelist and Star Trek writer (who coined the… »7/11/11 10:30am7/11/11 10:30am