Your New Anime Thrillride: REDLINE is like Speed Racer with missiles,…

The new anime movie REDLINE looks like addictive fun, thanks to a never-ending supply of pew-pew-pew lasers, heat-seeking missiles and vicious robots disrupting a huge race. Just check out the clip above — which is exclusive to io9 — to see a couple minutes of the car-racing, explosive action. » 11/29/11 2:30pm 11/29/11 2:30pm

20 Greatest SF Movies Of The Past Decade

The past decade has seen a lot of bloated special-effects brain-sucks... but it's also seen some of the best science-fiction films ever. Superhero films came of age, apocalypses ruled, and interstellar adventures came back. Here are the decade's 20 greatest. » 12/14/09 5:07pm 12/14/09 5:07pm