Is J.J. Abrams taking complete control of the Star Wars universe?

Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson says he isn't officially an Avenger yet, but he's optimistic. Director Alan Taylor explains how Thor: The Dark World combines genres like never before. Keri Russell describes the world of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Plus how is the world of Arrow big enough for The Flash?… »8/15/13 9:00am8/15/13 9:00am


James Cameron's First Science Fiction Movie Script Was Also His Preachiest

You may have thought Avatar was a tad heavy-handed with its environmentalist messages, but apparently that's nothing compared to Paradise, the short screenplay Cameron wrote in high school. In Paradise, the U.S. government legalizes drugs at some point in the early 1970s, leading to a decade of heavy drug use. And… »3/08/10 12:30pm3/08/10 12:30pm