Japanese Smiley-Bots Will Kill You For Your Name

In the movie Onigocco or The Chasing World, a Japanese teenager gets flipped into an parallel world where everyone who has the last name Sato is being ruthlessly hunted down. Of course, that just happens to be his last name. While trying to evade the smiling cyborgs, he encounters alternate versions of his girlfriend… » 2/14/08 2:00pm 2/14/08 2:00pm

Giant Robot Repairs the Arc de Triomphe

We hope that upcoming MMOThe Day manages to look like its sumptuous concept art, pictured above. That image of the Arc de Triomphe being repaired, upgraded, or duplicated is just simply amazing. The premise of The Day is that two parallel worlds smash together, and we've got a whole gallery of strange history-mashup… » 1/17/08 9:55am 1/17/08 9:55am