Amazon is making it harder to sell Bigfoot porn ebooks

Erotica featuring Sasquatch, minotaurs, aliens, and boar gods may not fit everyone's tastes, but some authors have made a killing selling monster sex ebooks. But some ebook retailers, notably Amazon, have been cracking down on cryptozoological smut, making it harder for writers to sell their books to readers who are… »12/22/13 1:00pm12/22/13 1:00pm

There's nothing less romantic than two people who are destined to be together

A major trope in paranormal romance — and plenty of other types of sagas — lately is the idea that two people are destined to be together, or are "bond-mates." Over at Genreville, Rose Fox does a great job of examining why this idea strays into disturbing territory, by removing free choice and turning romantic… »8/31/11 11:30am8/31/11 11:30am

People Are Falling In Love With Paranormal Romance

Publisher's Weekly has a great run-down of the rapidly growing genre of paranormal romance books, spearheaded by authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon. Among other things, it explains the difference between paranormal romance and dark fantasy — paranormal romance is about the relationship, dark fantasy is usually about other… »5/26/09 6:30pm5/26/09 6:30pm