Alfred Hitchcock is haunting the River Charles

You're looking at a photograph of the frozen Charles River, taken this morning at 9:35 local time from the Mass Ave bridge connecting Cambridge to Boston. Call us crazy, but we couldn't help but notice the profile of a certain Master of Suspense taking shape in the cracks between the river's ice floes. » 2/13/13 11:45am 2/13/13 11:45am

What makes us see Jesus in a taco, or a human face on Mars?

Photographer Todd Terwilliger calls this picture "Skull Flower," for reasons that should be obvious. Its resemblance to a human cranium is, of course, purely coincidental — yet the urge for our minds to register this plant as a piece of human anatomy is all but impossible to resist. But why? » 10/25/12 11:15am 10/25/12 11:15am

See a jellyfish-like creature imitate Batman at the bottom of the sea

Last year, a videographer from Neptune Canada spotted this odd creature floating deep under the northeastern Pacific Ocean off of Vancouver Island. Was Batman having a brave and bold adventure with The Atom in his new micro-Bat-bathyscape? Not exactly. This bobbing Bat-signal is a cilia-covered predatory cnidarian and … » 5/30/12 7:30am 5/30/12 7:30am

The Seagull Nebula spreads its wings across 100 light-years

This beautiful image is an up-close look at one of the universe's best examples of pareidolia: the Seagull Nebula, also known as the Parrot Nebula or Eagle Nebula, depending on your ornithological preference. Point is, this is one gargantuan bird. » 3/08/12 6:13pm 3/08/12 6:13pm

An Egyptian reptile alien lives on the back of Barack Obama's skull

Did you know that some genus of extraterrestrial reptilian lives on the back of the POTUS' skull. It's true! Like the spawn of some fantastical Stargate/Harry Potter/Super Mario Brothers: The Movie slash fiction, Barack Obama's cranium has become the host to a reptile invader from Dimension Haircut. We wouldn't have… » 2/20/12 10:25am 2/20/12 10:25am

Ghost of Princess Diana haunts Glasgow church, entire damn planet is…

In the spirit of such Earth-shattering news as Thor's cameo on Google Maps and the Dalek Christ log, Princess Di has now been found haunting a Glaswegian church. She's freaking out confused tourists, given that the afterlife's a crashing bore. » 1/18/12 4:30pm 1/18/12 4:30pm

Google Maps discovers mysterious sky creatures in Switzerland

Along a lonely stretch of road in Quarten, Switzerland, two strange figures and/or camera smudges survey the terrain, planning nefarious and/or blurry machinations. The figures follow the camera as it travels down the road. Some commenters on Reddit are claiming this is a gateway to Valhalla, but I'm of the mind that… » 11/19/11 4:45pm 11/19/11 4:45pm