Teach Kids About Anger Control With a Thermometer

Younger kids don't always have the vocabulary to express their feelings. That's why a temper-tantrum is the preferred communication of upset children. Using a thermometer might provide them an alternative. » 3/01/15 12:00pm 3/01/15 12:00pm

Godless Parents Are Doing a Better Job

Hate to break it to you, Bible thumpers: Parents who raise their kids without religion are doing just fine, studies say, possibly even better. Overall, not believing in God seems to make people and their offspring more tolerant. Less racist. Less sexist. Enviro-friendly. And their kids care less about what's cool,… » 2/03/15 3:30pm 2/03/15 3:30pm

The First Video Game I'll Let My Four-Year-Old Kid Play All By Herself

I play with my four-year-old daughter a lot. I'm the parent that sets up playdates, sits down with puzzles and board games, and takes her to the playground for a few hours. But I've never let her venture into a video game on her lonesome. That all changed this weekend. » 2/12/15 11:00am 2/12/15 11:00am

Halloween Candy, Ranked by Healthiness

Candy and "healthy" don't really go together, but some candy is better than others. As you go through the buckets of candy brought home tomorrow, choose wisely. » 10/30/14 10:30am 10/30/14 10:30am

Whipsnade Zoo Has A Baby Elephant With The Tiniest Little Trunk

After a 22 month long gestation period, an elephant at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England gave birth to the most adorable baby boy ever. The gestation period is so long, in part, so that the infant can do things like walk around on its own almost as soon as its born. » 9/23/14 5:59pm 9/23/14 5:59pm

This Secret Treasure Room May Be The Best Birthday Present Of All Time

When Sarah Goer and her husband discovered a disused storage space attached to their son's room, they decided to convert it into a Secret Treasure Room. For years, they concealed the room's entrance with a dresser, waiting for the perfect moment – their son's fourth birthday – to reveal its existence. Here, Sarah… » 8/10/14 1:00pm 8/10/14 1:00pm

Hero Dad Builds An Amazing Interactive Spaceship For His Son's Bedroom

MAKE Magazine's Jeff Highsmith wanted to build his 4-year-old son an interactive model of an Apollo spacecraft. The result was the surprisingly complex play area seen here – but to really appreciate the thought and effort that went into this project, you really must watch the making-of video. Seriously, this'll blow… » 8/01/14 10:33am 8/01/14 10:33am

This Newborn Seal Pup Was Kidnapped Before Even Exiting The Birth Canal

In this slightly uncomfortable video captured by Earth Touch, watch a female fur seal give birth near Capetown, South Africa. And then watch another female kidnap the infant pup before it's even left the birth canal. Fair warning: the video is fascinating but not for the squeamish. » 4/25/14 3:04pm 4/25/14 3:04pm

What happens if you gender-swap characters when reading to your kids?

If you switch the genders of characters around while reading to your kids, do they get confused? Or do they just take it for granted that Tolkien was writing The Hobbit about a girl named Bilbo? » 1/06/14 4:34pm 1/06/14 4:34pm

This is the laundry list of jobs that might be hurting your unborn…

Are you terrified for the safety of your yet unborn child? No? Well, maybe you should be, as it seems that all sorts of professions get exposed to chemicals which can lead to problems for fetuses, and that goes for both parents. » 7/19/12 7:30am 7/19/12 7:30am

How can you tell if your kid is old enough to watch Empire Strikes…

It's easy to tell if your kid is mature enough to watch a PG-13 movie — it's pretty much right there in the rating. But how do you tell if your kid is ready for the hand-chopping Empire Strikes Back? » 3/28/11 5:15pm 3/28/11 5:15pm

Should brats get XP penalties? The controversial article about D&D and…

An article by Uri Kurlianchik was posted to the official D&D Tutorials Archive. Titled "D&D Kids: Punishment," it has ignited fierce controversy among D&D players and parents for suggesting that in-game punishments are necessary for dealing with unruly children. » 3/20/11 9:30am 3/20/11 9:30am

Robots are stealing our jobs and the love of our children

It looks like our automated creations are beginning to get the best of their meatbag overlords. Two studies show that automated labor is increasingly taking over middle-class jobs and that babies will regard humanoid robots as sentient beings. » 10/16/10 10:50am 10/16/10 10:50am