These exceptionally rare color photographs show Paris at turn of the 20th century [Updated]

Back in 1903, the Lumière Brothers invented autochrome technology, an innovative photographic technique that allowed for extraorinarily vivid color images. Now, while some of these rare photographs might seem photoshopped or enhanced, they are the real deal — and a remarkable glimpse of what Paris looked like during… »1/28/13 8:15pm1/28/13 8:15pm

In 1890, the English held a contest to design London's wacky rip-off of the Eiffel Tower

Inspired by the financial success of the Eiffel Tower — which was erected in Paris for the 1889 World's Fair — a group of Englishmen attempted to bang out their own ersatz Eiffel a year later. This contest to design the never-to-be "Great Tower of London" received 68 designs. Some resemble alien fortresses and all of… »7/11/12 6:20pm7/11/12 6:20pm

The Most Wonderfully Ludicrous Fashion Show We've Seen in Ages

Whenever the fashion industry takes its inspiration from science fiction and fantasy costumes, the results are always stand-up-and cheer ridiculous. Without fail. Whether it's weird "post-apocalyptic" survival gear, superhero costumes, cyborgs, or the stillsuits from Dune, designers totally go nuts whenever they draw… »7/10/12 7:50pm7/10/12 7:50pm

An abandoned French subway station was turned into the set of Prometheus

We now live in an era when gonzo viral marketing runs the risk of being more intriguing than the film it's designed to promote. In Paris, the Saint-Martin stop (which has been unused for 73 years) on the Metro's Line 9 was transformed into the extraterrestrial architecture of Prometheus, giving passengers a glimpse… »5/18/12 11:05am5/18/12 11:05am

During World War I, France began building a fake Paris to confuse German bombers

Just prior to the end of World War I, French officials began constructing a Potemkin Paris outside of the real city to throw off German bombing raids. This tactic may seem unusual, but aerial bombing technology was still a bit of a novelty in 1917. Planes couldn't support massive payloads, and pilots didn't have the… »9/25/11 2:30pm9/25/11 2:30pm