Meet RHex, the robot that can get to you no matter where you run

Okay, that's not strictly true. At the moment, RHex can only traverse most terrains, hurl himself over gaps around a couple of feet, and pull himself up onto ledges several times his own height, which has been enough to get him nicknamed "the parkour robot." » 7/25/13 4:30pm 7/25/13 4:30pm

90-year-old Stan Lee is a parkour master with his own theme song,…

Stan Lee has done plenty in his 90 years on this planet Earth, but now you can add "parkour master" to his titles of "creator of some of the greatest comics characters of all time" and "movie cameo star." Watch Stan jump, roll and climb his way through L.A. with skills that would even inpress Spider-Man. » 3/14/13 10:30am 3/14/13 10:30am