Will Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Star in Scifi Drama Passengers?

Is Jennifer Lawrence going to space? Is Chris Pratt going ... back to space? A new report has the duo in talks to head up the cast of Passengers, with Imitation Game director Morton Tyldum at the helm. » 2/08/15 3:15pm 2/08/15 3:15pm

New Rumors About Ghostbusters' Villain and Independence Day 2's Hero

Robert Downey Jr. hints at how Age of Ultron will naturally lead to Captain America 3. Margot Robbie talks about Harley Quinn's voice in Suicide Squad. Get a description of HBO's Westworld straight from the producers' mouth. And hints from the finale of Agent Carter. Spoilers now! » 1/28/15 6:00am 1/28/15 6:00am

Do We Know The Real Reason Why Star Trek 3 Is Changing Directors?

Today there's a wild rumor about Lex Luthor's Batman v. Superman ambitions. Plus a possible director for Ready Player One, and some information tying the new Bond movie to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Plus, James Brolin talks Thanos, and Oscar Isaac talks Star Wars and X-Men: Apocalypse. Spoilers now! » 12/08/14 6:00am 12/08/14 6:00am

Do We Already Know the Line-Up of the Suicide Squad Movie?

And there's a surprising new rumor about the Justice League movie's villain. Keanu Reeves reveals trippy scenes from Bill and Ted 3's script. The X-Men live-action TV show might star Days of Future Past's Quicksilver. And Daredevil casts a bunch of key roles. Spoilers now! » 10/13/14 6:00am 10/13/14 6:00am

Upcoming Genre Movies That Aren't Sequels, Remakes or Reboots

Sometimes it seems like every movie is either a sequel or a reboot. They remade Robocop and Godzilla. They're releasing sequels to the reboots of Spider-Man and Planet of the Apes. But there are still tons of original films in the pipeline. Here are over 50 forthcoming movies that aren't sequels, remakes or prequels. » 3/24/14 1:30pm 3/24/14 1:30pm

First Tantalizing Clues About The Storyline For Star Trek 3!

Have all the Star Wars auditions we've been hearing about for months just been for new TV shows? Set photos may show the return of a classic series monster to Doctor Who. Roberto Orci describes Sleepy Hollow's season two villains. And are the Lego Movie directors taking over Ghostbusters 3? Spoilers now! » 3/21/14 6:00am 3/21/14 6:00am

Major scoops for Avengers, Terminator 5, Dr Strange and Game of Thrones

Could Marvel make a Captain Marvel movie instead of a solo Black Widow film? Rachel McAdams leaves Passengers. Terminator: Genesis casts a major supporting charater. Peter Dinklage discusses Tyrion in Game of Thrones season 4. Plus, Kevin Feige explains magic in Doctor Strange and a building-sized Captain America » 3/17/14 6:00am 3/17/14 6:00am

The long-awaited space romance Passengers is coming. The film abouta man on a cryo-ship who wakes up early, starring Keanu Reeves and Amy Adams, is getting made by Germany's Studio BabelsbergStudio Babelsberg, with filming beginning soon near Berlin. » 1/31/14 3:20pm 1/31/14 3:20pm

Does a comic book tell us what Ben Affleck's Batman will look like?

In the next four years, Ridley Scott's looking to make Prometheus 2, Forever War, Exodus, and Blade Runner 2. There's also a complete cast for the BBC's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Plus, Summer Glau previews her character on Arrow. Spoilers now! » 10/30/13 6:00am 10/30/13 6:00am

Ben Affleck talks Batman, and Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool!

The Mortal Kombat movie stalls, while Deadpool's still trying to get off the ground. There's a ton of Black Canary action coming up on Arrow, Rachel McAdams may star opposite Keanu Reeves in Passengers. Plus, Spoilers now! » 10/28/13 6:00am 10/28/13 6:00am

Reese Withersoon may join Keanu Reeves in a cryogenic space nightmare

Another big star is in talks to join Passengers, the depressing cryo-sleep drama from Jon Spaihts (Prometheus). Which asks: If you were doomed to a lifetime of solitude, would you doom another to your fate just so you wouldn't be lonely? » 5/02/13 1:05pm 5/02/13 1:05pm

A Game of Thrones director takes on an acclaimed "black list" script

Before Jon Spaihts wrote the early script drafts for Prometheus, he was famous for some of his spec scripts — notably Passengers. which turned up on the "black list" of unproduced screenplays. And now, Keanu Reeves is producing and starring in Passengers, with a Game of Thrones director on board. » 4/18/13 2:19pm 4/18/13 2:19pm

Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts on How to Create a Great Space Movie

Jon Spaihts wrote five drafts of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, before handing it off to Damon Lindelof. He's also become known in Hollywood as the go-to writer for hard science fiction and space adventure, after his space romance Passengers landed on the Black List of the best unproduced scripts. And he's written two… » 5/10/12 11:27am 5/10/12 11:27am

Keanu Reeves To Play Selfish Cryo Creep In Scifi Romance Feature

Keanu Reeves latest character in the the space love story Passengers is stuck between a rock and a cryogenically frozen body. We're not sure if we agree with Reeves' drastic response, but it's gotta be better than The Lakehouse. » 1/27/10 10:00am 1/27/10 10:00am

Keanu Reeves Is A Passenger In Cosmic Love Story

Keanu Reeves is returning to science fiction yet again, after the commercial (if nothing else) success of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Passengers is apparently an intimate mix of cryogenics, interstellar travel... and romance. » 4/07/09 1:40pm 4/07/09 1:40pm

Anne Hathaway "Consoles" Plane Crash Survivor In Passengers

According to the new scifi thriller Passengers, the reward for surviving a terrible plane crash includes gaining superpowers and getting to sleep with Anne Hathaway. Survivor Patrick Wilson gets all touchy-feely with his new grief counselor Hathaway after escaping near-death from a traumatic plane crash that leaves…
» 9/02/08 8:20am 9/02/08 8:20am

Doctor Who Raids Its Back Catalog On Speed

Who's coming back for season four of Doctor Who? Everybody! Seriously, just about every monster and supporting character that ever appeared on the old or new series is making an appearance, according to these probably partly fake spoilers that are making the rounds of fan sites. Click through to read which comebacks… » 12/10/07 6:00am 12/10/07 6:00am