Paolo Bacigalupi: Science fiction "thrives at uncertainty points, when questions about our future are unanswered"

Wind-Up Girl author Paolo Bacigalupi's essay over at Wired is both a must read and a quick read. The essay is mostly about how Cyberpunk saved science fiction by shaking up the complacent view of the future that had dominated for decades — but then he broadens out into a more general theory of science fiction as a… »6/20/12 7:43pm6/20/12 7:43pm

Could you tell the difference between an alien visitation and being touched by an angel?

Not all alien visitations look like a giant saucer descending from the skies. Sometimes aliens just look like visitors of a different kind, as in this classic story by Pat Cadigan. The other day, we featured Cadigan's essay about loving the Other — now here's her story "Angel," as featured in the new anthology Alien… »11/18/11 4:20pm11/18/11 4:20pm

One Author's List Of Quite Possibly Essential Science Fiction Includes William Gibson — And Event Horizon

Vinconium and Light author M. John Harrison posted a list of "some interesting science fiction" that's been causing lots of discussion — it's not framed as a list of essential SF reading, or the greatest SF books of all time, just books that "turned [Harrison] on when he read them." And yet, it looks like a pretty… »5/14/09 7:00pm5/14/09 7:00pm

What Scifi Fascist Regime Would You Rather Live Under?

Science fiction is full of fascist governments, especially in the decades after World War II, but some of them just seem like more fun than others. But some scifi fascists don't seem like they would govern that well — for example, the BBC series Doctor Who clearly uses the cyborg Daleks as a metaphor for the Nazis,… »2/26/08 3:30pm2/26/08 3:30pm