One Of Pathfinder's Best RPG Campaigns Is Back, But With Sound Effects!

As the cornerstone of the campaign world of Golarion, Rise of the Runelords laid the foundation for much of Pathfinder’s success. Now there are more ways to enjoy the revised and expanded 5th-anniversary collection, with integrated encounters for Hero Lab and a custom sound effects set, so you can experience these… »5/07/15 11:00am5/07/15 11:00am

Midgard D&D campaign world brings mythology to life

Midgard is a fantasy world filled with wizard colleges, dragon lords, humanoid ravens, and masked gods. Yet it's bound to a map similar to Earth, and is filled with a mashup of mythological figures and folk legends. It can be used with a variety of RPG systems, but even if you're not a gamer, it's an amazing window to… »10/18/12 10:35am10/18/12 10:35am